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(n): The Noah's Ark of Breakfast Meals

Contains 2 pancakes, 2 sausage patties, 2 bacon strips, 2 eggs (any style), 2 pieces of toast (white, wheat, rye), and two beverages (one coffee/tea, one soda/juice).

Famous for it's previously super-low price of $2.49, although currently priced in the mid-$3 range, and can be found at Tom Jones diner in Brookhaven, Pa.

A favorite of high school students, local music aficionados, and stoners.
z: "Dude, where's my office? I can't find it...cause I'm baked--HALF BAKED!! I was smoking some doobies, Doobie Brothers! I was smoking some doobies with my brothers..."
q: "stfu you fake-stoned Regional Manager Michael Scott"
z: "Ok."

z: "I really am high though *giggles*"
q: "Nut uh."
z: "DUDE! I so am. And I'm really hungry."
q: "Let's go to Tom Jones and get a pair of Blue Ribbon Specials."
z: "Scrambled, white toast, grape juice, with tea?"
*long pause*
z: "Yea, ok."
by Motivational Void. February 06, 2010
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