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1. When your dryer breaks and you have to finish drying your sheets with a blow dryer.

2. When yo gurl given you da brain and she don't want dat extra knowledge shootin da back of her throat, so she wraps yo knob wit da sheets as if it were some type o' condom, birth control shit.
1. Kyle's sheets were wet, so he put them in the dryer to dry. The dryer had some sort of malfunction, so Kyle just blew 'em dry with his mom's blow dryer.

2. Earnest: Yo my nigga ralph, my bitch was given me dat brain in da library yestaday and she took 'dese sheets out her jansport backpack and went to town on my dick!

Ralph: OH SHIT! I heard bout dat blowin' the sheets move, heard dats illegal in 30 countries.

Earnest: Ya nigga shit's a straight felony
by ShlomoBeyer December 21, 2010
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