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Once upon a time in the ultra blorch galaxy there lay a planet known as blorch and on that planet was a species called the blorch people. These people are friendly and hostile creatures that live in blorchville a little town covered in blorch. In this town there once was a blorch person known as the blorchinator. This creature was neglected and abused. All this person would do is blorch every Monday through Friday and on weekends were he would reload. In the Blorchinator's room was a golden dildo which he basked in its glory. This golden dildo could morph into any shape you wanted it to be. It could be 200ft. long if you wish or it could be a 1mm. long dildo if you wish. Well our story begins when the blorchinator was only 15 years old. He got into his first fight with the golden dildo theft monster who happened to be disguising himself as a terrorist by wearing a turban and chest bomb. As the battle began, the golden dildo theft monster used his theft powers to attack the blorchinator, but it missed. So the blorchinator had nothing to do. But all of a sudden he felt all tingly and the tip of his head opened and a sudden explosion occurred. White stuff spewed everywhere trapping the golden dildo theft monster in it. The golden dildo theft monster started to melt and then was gone. The blorchinator had won a heroic victory. he figured out that the white sticky stuff was acidic and melted his foe. So he decided to call the white sticky substance skit. This was now his primary weapon so he trained himself on how to use it for the next 5 years. His secret strategy was to make up and down movements on himself and it will create a tingly feeling and make an explosion. Everyday he trained. He became the shit master next to the skit god Tim. One day he was walking on LAO BLVD. and all of a sudden Godzilla came out of nowhere. It was unbelievable, the blorchinator got so scared that he skitted all over himself. Things just got worse, Mothra flew in from above, all were ready for combat. Mothra used his LAO ray beam on Godzilla and he was knocked back into a building. Blorchinator readyed himself for the explosion. He aimed at Mothra and the Blorchinator did anti-air skit attack. Mothra fell like a rock and got stuck to a building. Godzilla then used flamethrower and torched Mothra into a crisp. Now it was 2 on 2. Godzilla tried to torch Godzilla but failed. The Blorchinator then readyed himself again for the explosion, but was interrupted by Godzilla and the human alpha skit attack. The Blorchinator got thrown back through several buildings. He back up and finished his loading sequence. He then aimed for Godzilla, then fired away. The skit looked majestic as it flew through the air towards Godzilla's face. Bang it nailed him straight on, quickly the acid skit started to melt Godzilla then nothing was left. All the blorch people thanked the Blorchinator for what he had done, but then the rest of the explosion came out along with Billy Bob Joe Sally McGiliger John Hand Party Steroid Pizza and Skit the Magnificent. It fell upon the Blorch people and every one melted. So that is how the blorch species died and became extinct for now. The Blorchinator ran off and was never seen again. Legends say he lives in skit lake and still basks in his glorious golden dildo's glory. Other legends say he skitted himself to death. But we will never know the truth about the where abouts of the legendary Blorchinator.
Tim became the new Blorchinator as the old one disappeared.
by 123,456,813,025,011,054,693.3 February 01, 2009
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