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1. New York City's mayor Michael Bloomberg. Who is known for his controlling behaviors and his extreme anti-gun views.

2. An elitist, smug, control freak. A highly opinionated person who believes their opinions and views should be held and followed by everyone without question. Also see Douche Ellington.

3. Being overly anal and controlling.
Paco was being such a Bloomturd today! He saw me use my credit card to pay for gas and then said to me, 'the whole country is fucked up because of people like you!' He then tried to take my credit card out of my hands, telling me I was too irresponsible with it. Then he kept on asking me, how much I owe on my card! When I got to my apartment, he tore my apartment apart to look for my credit card agreement and statements! He's such a Bloomturd!
by turdstation January 15, 2013
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