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A bloodywanker is when a man has sex with a girl that's on her period and when she starts bleeding he wanks off with the blood on it.
She lets her boyfriend fuck her on her period he's such a bloodywanker
by Lussypover May 17, 2017
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A British insult. Usually "bloody" means "fucking" in America. Bloody wanker would mean in America "fucking dickhead"
That bloody wanker cut me off.
by sanchez4555555 May 17, 2005
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A person that is a total fucking ass hole or a phrase that is used when you fuck up.
1.That Bloody Wanker stole my wallet!

2. Bloody Wanker! I left my keys in the car!
by Bl00dy Wank3r May 03, 2018
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A phrase that Americans think British/Irish people use when in fact no-one in their right mind uses the word bloody and wanker together.

"Bloody" is quite a mild swear word whereas " wanker" is quite harsh.

The two words just don't go together.
Saying " bloody wanker" on the internet screams "I'm an American!"
Them: God you're a bloody wanker!

Me: You're an American aren't you?
by Mrs Pants April 06, 2010
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