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Standard cum shot with added blood.
There are many different variations of bloody cum shots:

1. Penis is cut previously or during the sex process; ejaculation occurs whilst blood is pouring over the eye of the penis and ejaculate plus blood is then sprayed onto titties, face and/or back of random bitch.

2. Bitch on period engages in sexual intercourse, whilst man meat of her male counterpart is covered in chunky period blood, he removes said penis and erupts in a violent and convulsive orgasm onto her titties, back and/or whore-like face.
by Rimo January 23, 2009
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When someone kicks an respectful English man in the balls, while he is about to perform a cumshot, causing it to be mixed with blood.
"What is this red white liquid"
"Its a bloody cumshot, you indifferent fuck"
by Doorhanndle June 22, 2017
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