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That weird, rectangular container found next to the toilet in your office? The one that smells faintly of iron? That's a Bloodmouse Mass-Grave. The place where ladies throw their spent Dracula's Teabags. In the war on menstruation, there are many casualties, so let us spare a thought for all those Bloodmice who have met a sticky end so that women can wear white pants while queefing Clots in the workplace.
One time at work, I went to the bathroom to take a shit, when I slipped on a puddle by the sink... I crashed head-first into the Bloodmouse Mass-Grave and caused the contents to spill over me.... I looked like "Swamp-Thing", if he'd been painted dark-red. To make matters worse, I was persued by bears all the way home...
by Poppa Boogaloo January 07, 2012
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