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This monstrosity involves the act of where an unsuspecting male is pleasuring his female counterpart, then for some fuck off gross reason she starts menstruating all over his face, in his mouth and more particularly in his eyes blinding him. When consciousness is regained, his vision will be tainted for 3-6 hours with a vile red colour and may exhibit suicidal tendencies.
Horrified by the pungent smell and thickened texture dripping down his ocular cavity, Ray chewed the veins out of his wrists and proceeded to violate himself with a wine bottle until death by rectal trauma.

Maloney: Dude, did you hear what happened to Higgins?
Jones: Haha yeah I heard he received heinous blood goggles, man what a douche.
Maloney: Yeah, then he drank battery acid and forced himself to cry!
(Pause of sheer horror)
Maloney: Then he beat a midget with a hose.
Jones: Intense...
by Ampleforth June 11, 2008
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