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Noun: Similar to "white noise" from electronic equipment, blonde noise is the static heard within packs of 3 or more girls under the age of 21. Exposure to this is known to have caused earthquakes, world wars, tsunamis, and anorexia.
"om y god is that that new coke black oh my god i totally need one but i dont know its like twenty five calories oh my god that is like 4 redbulls southbeachdiet yeah i totally think we should get some vodka tonight ill get my brother to get it for us he is totally pathetic OH MY GOD THAT IS SO RANDOM"... Usually followed immediately by the sounds of people of normal intelligence putting pistols into their mouths.

Chad slapped Cindy today... he didn't want to put up with her blonde noise all the time.
by Bill Young July 29, 2006
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