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Marketing tool used for political persuasion on the internet, primarily in blogs, with the purpose of spreading a non-truth, partial-truth, or urban legend to make people aware of a current event. The blogspiracy topic can then spread via the internet, and like a soundbite taken out of context, convince someone uneducated in politics or current events that a particular position is valid.

Many take news articles from years in the past and "reissue" the news as recent.
1.Linking the draft to 6/6/06: prior to June 6, 2006, many blogs made reference to a Congressional debate on reinstating the draft happening that day, linking that event to the biblical mark of the beast. The event never happened. No stories were posted on in by the AP, etc, and it wasn't listed in Congress's daily logs. The goal of the blogspiracy: to raise awareness of draft/Iraq war.

2. Per an anonymous source President Bush was autographing US flags while in Austria in June 2006. This is not illegal (there is no law against "desecration" of a flag, just a code of guidelines), but bloggists use this to point out that the GOP is currently leading a campaign to make illegal the burning of the flag, and therefore this is hypocracy. The blogs that use this show a picture of the President signing a flag from an AP story in 2003. Again, no stories were posted on in by the AP, etc. The goal of the blogspiracy: to raise awareness of the GOP's ammendment to ban flag burning and claim the party is hypocritical on this issue.
by June 27, 2006
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