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Proper Noun; 1. The pasty vampire-like color of ones skin who never comes into contact with direct sunlight. To be interchangeable with Editor's Tan (A term granted to editor's, generally vile creatures who dwell in dark cave-like spaces in which they hover over computer screens compiling video information for the completion of a form of entertainment.)

The "Blogger's Tan" was dubbed such because historically those who sit at computers all day and night rarely come into contact with actual natural light. This grants them a glowy sort of halo when they walk around underneath any kind of artificial light source.

The "Blogger's Tan" was first coined by television show producer Nick Pavonetti in early 2009 when he saw someone who blogs for a living and accused them of having the "Blogger's Tan". Since then it has begun catching on and spreading throughout small groups within the Hollywood scene.
"Wow, dude that guy's got a major Blogger's Tan."
"You mean he's really pale?"
"Yes... That's exactly what i mean."

"Man whenever I go out into the sun I burn up like a fricken' tinder box. Damn this blogger's tan!"
by The Super Villain June 24, 2009
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