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Blogcore is music that is the focus of the myriad of independent music blogs on the internet.

Independent music blogs attempt to create an alternative to the mainstream media outlets, and instead intentionally reject major label artists in favour of relatively unknown musicians, often with an air of superiority in their tone.

The irony is that the vast majority of independent music can be classified as mildly experimental, superficial lo-fi indie rock inflected with tokenistic, often ironic use of electronic instruments.

Where the independent music blogs had attempted to promote a wealth of innovative musical creativity, the end was result is a stagnant scene of sound-a-likes that offer little to no variation between each band, and therefore may be classified under the single genre of Blogcore.

Blogcore is popular music amongst the Hipster subculture and also the burgeoning Blogbaby subculture.
Pitchfork Media recommend the following Blogcore acts:

Animal Collective
Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah
Ok, Go!
Arcade Fire
etc etc
by The Modernist January 03, 2010
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