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A person that visits numerous online blogs only looking at the pics and if they like what they see they will put a stupid smiley or reply in the comments section w/o reading the blog. To add insult to injury they will ask to be added to the friends list of the person visited, even if the person has stated that they don't add everyone their circle unless they are long time online buddies or offline friends. Blog Slobbers never have anything interesting to add to blogs and it's obvious that they are only seeking sex or are online perverts that look at the pics and slob while doing this.
Girl, I've been hit by the same blog slobber that left that stupid message on ur page too.

Example comments:

"Dayum, girl u sexy"
"I'd like to get to know u better"

Example Invite as a Friend:

"Please add me to ur friends list ur someone I wanna get to know"

"Nice pics can we be friends" (I ain't read shyt about u or know ur interests b/c I'm blog slobbing the pics)
by Glow94 September 29, 2007
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