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Blog Fog is the pollution and obfuscation of news and debate to the point of public confusion or apathy via over-reliance on blogs, "tweets" and other "secondary" news sources.

Such sources are highly prone to distortion of facts, rumor propagation and incorrect reportage; yet are increasingly mixed into the source pool of major news organizations.

Incorrect information as well as intentional misdirection becomes part of the story and is difficult to remove from the public consciousness.

Blog Fog can be used to create doubt about the facts of any story simply by posting contradictory information. Then the very existence of contradictory information can be cited as proof that there is no right or wrong answer, that "both sides" could be right, and so a fog is created.

Blog Fog is similar to the "fog of war" in concept.
All these conflicting accounts of what happened were being spread around and the facts got lost in the blog fog.
by lordjupiter January 09, 2011
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