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Like Netflix and chill, but with movies you stole from Blockbuster in 2004.
Guy: Netflix and chill?
Girl: No.
Guy: Amazon and Anal?
Girl: No.
Guy: Blockbuster and Cockthruster?
by BuddyBoyVilla March 22, 2016
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Netflix and chill, for the old fashioned folks. Often done on horseback, on the way to the swimming hole.
Reginald requested a brief blockbuster and cock thruster on our way to the theater.
by rickleston September 22, 2016
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Hard sex with blockbuster films in the background.
An improved version of Netflix and Chill
"Hey babe, want to go to my place and have some blockbuster and cockthruster?"
by Necraii October 08, 2016
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