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1). A song thats so hot that your whole block knows and sings the song when a car playing it passes by.
2). A person who singlehandedly tagged his/her own block with every form of graffiti and finishes his/her work with a piece on the biggest untouched wall on his/her block.
3). A motorcyle or car that rides so fast down your block it leaves skid marks and the smell of burnt rubber on it.
1). (Car blasting Lil Wayne's lollipop song) OMFG!!!! This that b..b..b..b BlockBurner nigga!! Ohhh yeah!! Lick lick me like a lollipop!!
2).Hey man! Only legends and the pros of the pros who pulled it off can be named a blockburner not you assy toys!!
3). That corvette's gonna need some tough tires cause thats a full blown BlockBurner.
by TheSage64 September 07, 2008
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