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A blobitch is a person who bitches how everything blows. Typically, a blobitch walks slowly, eats a lot, and says "that blows". A blobitch also contradicts everything you say just to be a bitch. Also, a blobitch always thinks he is right, and even if proven wrong, he will still not admit to his fault in judgment and taunt how he is still correct just because he says so.
Example 1
You: Hey, this sandwich is really good.
Blobitch: No it isn't, it fucking blows.
You: Don't be a fucking Blobitch!

Example 2
You: I just got a new car, I love it and am totally satisfied with it.
Blobitch: Your new car fucking blows, and you hate it.
You: Shut the fuck up you Blobitch!
by Snorky7777 September 20, 2010
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