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Formally known as War3pub, Blizzpub is a really terrible Blizzard wanna-be fansite that got popular because it was the home for Warez copies of Warcraft 3 beta, however it still lingers on today despite the fact that it stopped having Warez on it long ago operates on less than 10% of its original traffic. Now the headquarters of some really awful World of Warcraft guilds on the server Deathwing, the site is now for terribads, permanoobs and sad, pathetic individuals with boring lives.

Attempts to make the site interesting include tragically idiotic attempts to copycat except without anything funny or worthwhile on the entire site at all.

Basically, it is a retarded website for jerks and if it died tomorrow nobody would care because of how fail the site is. No really, don't go there. Thumbs down.
"Wow, this Hanna Montana fan club site is almost as bad as!"
by MisterObjective March 26, 2008
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