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n. An Australian imaginary incapacitated person held up as an archetype of incapacity: what Blind Freddy can see (understand) must be very obvious.

Was once believed to have originated from a 1920s Sydney hawker named either Freddy or Freddie, however it appears that a reference to Blind Freddy in the context of seeing (understanding) the bleeding obvious was made in an issue of The Sydney Sportsman in October 1902.

Further research suggests that Blind Freddy may be a reference to Sir Frederick William Pottinger, a police officer who was in charge of the Lachlan district in New South Wales in the mid-1800s. The success of bushranger Ben Hall in evading capture there in 1862 is alleged to have earned Pottinger the name "Blind Freddy".
Even Blind Freddy can see that putting onion under a Bunnings snag is unAustralian
by tonedebone September 17, 2019
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