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A term sometimes used in software development, most likely in video games development, to describe the act of submitting files to the project's source control (code or asset) without testing the result locally.

Most likely used in a changelist description to warn others this change is not tested and could be a build break culprit.

Can be used in conjuncture with a Chicken Run or Ninja Chicken to become:
Blind Chicken Run: Not tested, submitted quickly before leaving the office.
Blind Ninja Chicken: Not tested, attempting to fix a prior bug or build break.
Blind Ninja Chicken Run: Not tested, attempting to fix a prior bug or build break quickly before leaving the office.
"Joe had to leave the office, he did a Blind Chicken so that we could start texturing Batman's nipples."

As a Changelist description:
"Batman25 - fixed Batman Rig scene to set proper orientation and fix moonwalking bug - BLIND NINJA CHICKEN RUN"
by mbdash June 29, 2018
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a children’s game similar to marco polo, which involves you blindfolding someone and they have to act as a chicken and say blind, as the other people say chicken and run away, the person blindfolded needs to chase after the other people.
Hey Guys, let’s play blind chicken!
by thiccmamapaloma October 11, 2017
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