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A genre of books which blends the world we know with a more magical and mystical one. Enjoyed by a wide audience, both children and adults. Quite separate from traditional fantasy which can be alientating and alarming to read, due to the readers's inability to connect their own life experiences and knowledge to the entirely fabricated world being depicted. Perfect examples of Blended Fantasy are the Harry Potter series (by the wonderful J. K. Rowling) and His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman).
John: Do you like Fantasy books?
Bob: No, but I like Blended Fantasy.

John: Never heard of it Bob!
Bob: You must be kidding me! Blended Fantasy is where the author has included elements of fantasy in a world that the reader can recognise and, ultimately, suspend their belief that it is fantasy at all, becoming lost in the hope that a more exciting world does in fact exist within our own, hidden and waiting to be discovered.
John: Sheesh.
by Wordsmith_CJ January 05, 2015
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