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Bleese is a creature who lurks on steam, he/she/it is usually on the status of online and rarely/never plays games. If he/she/it is on a game it will be Team Fortress 2/Arma 2.

Bleese is also known for being an internet Troll. Bleese is great at trolling people (e.g Online Forums, Games.) he/she/it is also good at abusing his administrative powers (if given any). One of his victims in trolling is Anbu of the Black OP.

Bleese is also able to love some of his victims (Puggy). He shows many signs of affections to the ones he/she/it falls in love with. Only one supbject can be in love with Bleese at one time.

Bleese's gender is unknown, but it is said that he is a trisexual alien from Uranus.

In summary,

Bleese is a internet Troll who is able to love his victims.
Anbu of the Black Op
by ChuckNorrisisBatman December 03, 2011
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