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Bleahflemgal is the expression of feeling MEH or annoyance.

It is a combination of going bleh or blah but you have a mouth filled with saliva so you flem up when making the "eh"/"ah" sound... gal is just on there for good measure as bleahflem doesn't sound as good as bleahflemgal.

This word was made up and coined by Anthony Donald Brown (Antpie) First when in a skype chat with Lauren Emily John (LilMsDynamite).
This monument in history set nothing in motion appart the creation of a pretty awesome word all people from anywhere in the world will understand how you feel if you say it.
How to use Bleahflemgal 101
Person 1: *has a drink after a bad day at work*
Person 2: Hey how you doing?
Person 1: *drink causes flem mouth* " Bleahflemagal"
Person 2: Oh I see, not that great then, too bad.
by LilMsAntpie April 15, 2013
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