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An ongoing comparison and contrast of two widely popular Manga metaseries.

Naruto, written by Masahi Kishimoto and Bleach, written Tite Kubo, are two popular Manga metaseries which were both serialized by the Shonen Jump magazine in 1999 and 2001 respectively. Viz Media, a major American anime and Japanese entertainment media company, serialized both series in 2003 (Naruto) and 2004 (Bleach). Both graphic novels were very well received and set records for graphic novel sales in the U.S.. Soon after, much animosity grew between devout fans of both series in a debate which has yet to be resolved over which of the two, Bleach or Naruto, is better. To the annoyance of the general public.

See: Narutard
Bleach Vs. Naruto
Narutard: Naruto is way better than stupid Bleach! "OMG! IKM A SHINGAMI WITH A BIG SWORD!
Sensible Bleach Fan: Well, I appreciate your opinion. But I still enjoy the more mature-
Civilian who is tired of this bullshit: SHUT UP!!!

Note: Narutards are ravenous and almost inhuman when the subject of which Anime, Manga, or Yaoi fanfic is better. So approach with caution. (Unlike the more sensible Bleach fan)

by thekidcanfight April 30, 2007
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