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The Multi-Racial Mixture Of:
Asian {Any Type, Filipino Vietnamese Chinese Korean Etc.}
Indian {Native American Or Middle Eastern}
& White {Caucasian}
*To Really Know That Youre Blasiandianhite You Might Have To Go Deep Into Your Family Tree*
Now All You Need Is Hispanic Then You'll Be TheRainbowRace... NH
**& Percentages Dont Really Matter**

*******{TAKE PRIDE}*******
Person #1: Hey.. Ive Been Wodering.... What's Your Racial Background?
Person #2: Im:
25% Egyptian
25% Filipino
25% Native American
&25% Norwegian
Person#1: Oh Really?!...
Person#2: Yeah No Shit..
Person #1: Nuhn-Uhn..
Person #2: ....Yeah I Am.. Look At My Features..
Person #1: Oh Yeah.. I Can Kinda See It..
Person #2: Yeah, Im Blasiandianhite..
Person #1: Oh, Or Just A Mutt..
Person #2: Heh heh..
by KaixLua {xLua} July 30, 2010
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