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Blanket pig means blanket hog meaning someone who hogs the blanket way too much by yanking it away leaving you shivering. A blankeg hog is usually a friend at a sleepover, spouse, or a relative you are sharing a bed with.

To cope with a blanket hog simply either yank the blanket back, get another blanket, get a sweater, move sleeping locations, or just shiver your ass al night.
*Joji yanks blankets from Lily*
Lily:"jeez joji, dont be such a blanket pig."
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by _pa.r.is_ April 03, 2017
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Undercover cop, staying in safety of vehicle.
Guy 1: Man whys that guy staring at us?

Guy 2: Dude i bet he's a blanket pig
Guy 1: Man he gonna be in that car all night.
by Killerfatmonkey October 05, 2010
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