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Blake H., is a very remarkable person. He is funny guy who always makes others laugh and smile.Blake is a very understanding person, as he can put himself in others issues and find a way to help or just be there for you, and he is an amazing listener. He is a very forgiving person, even though he has a short temper he usually is the first person to say sorry, Blake also is very observant person, he notices the good things in others, and always comments on them. Blake is an amazing person because he is kind to the ones he loves, he treats them like gold! If you are ever crying with blake around, he will calm you down within a couple of minutes. There is too many remarkable things to say about blake, this definition could go on and on for ages, but instead i give you a couple of examples of his angellike qualities. Blake is a really amazing person!
"Did you see, how david changed over the summer?"

"no, why?"

"he acting like Blake H. now"

"oh, wow, what a change"
by 1meftrololol December 30, 2011
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