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Blake Wiles

(noun) 1. a Austiran name that originates from the 1700s. It is a tradition to pass this name down from father to son.

(noun) 2. the cousin of late actress Fay Wray (from Thunderbolt 1929 and King Kong 1933).

(noun) 3. One who tends to be angry. Doesn't speak much and can be very blunt. Also known as BM Wiles. Falls in love very quickly but ironically can have some hatred towards the world. Tends to act out in spurts of anger or activity by throwing things, such as yougurt and such, at people, mostly girls.

(noun) 4. a common name which refers to a man who is a charming tool
1. TEACHER: I am Austrian and the name Blake Wiles has been handed down from my grandfather, to my dad, to my brother, and down to his son, Blake Wiles.


2. MAN ONE: Hey is that the lovely Fay Wray's cousin Blake Wiles!?

MAN TWO: By George I think it is!

3.SAM: Blake! Hi!!

BLAKE: Okay.

EMMA: Blake smile! Aren't you excited to see us?

Blake then rips the yougurt Sam was eating right out of her hand. He then goes to throw it at a girl named Sabrina walking by.

STANDBYER: Why'd he do that?

STANDBYER 2: Must be one of those Blake Wiles folk.

STANDBYER: Really. What are we going to do with them?

4. GIRL: I LOVE that Blake Wiles. He's sooo chariming!

BOY: Yeah? Well he's a huge tool
by laughlovebm2234 October 03, 2011
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