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Blagdon is a lovely little town which is situated in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in England). The town was defiled by the townspeople as they became 'enraged' by a parasite like creature which eats away at the brain, this was shown rather graphically in Resident Evil 4 the game which is actualy a true story based on the population of Blagdon (of course this was renamed in the game). People infected with the parasite are known as 'Gando's' which was changed to 'Ganado's' for the purpose of the video game. The infected can often be heard making odd sounds as they lose their ability to speak over time, although in some cases the ability to speak has been retained to a certain level.
Blagdoner says: "Eurghhh"
Blagdoner says: "Arghhh"
Blagdoner says: "Ger off ma lawn!"
Blagdoner says: "I'ja hit you wiv my shovvel"
Blagdoner says: "Brrrrrrumm"
by Some--Guy November 14, 2007
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