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A disorder with symptoms similar to those of Asperger's syndrome but presenting only in residents of Blacksburg, VA, particularly among students and others associated with Virginia Tech. Clinical presentation includes:

a.) Difficulty functioning normally in social situations
d.) Awkwardness
c.) Rudeness to the point where one is not certain if it is on purpose of if they are completely ignorant of common etiquette
d.) Complete inability to understand sarcasm

Point d.) is often the most diagnostic presentation of Blacksperger's syndrome.

A person presenting with Blacksperger's syndrome typically will display long periods of awkward silence in conversation with associated, uncomfortable staring and monosyllabic answers to normal conversational questioning.

Some subsets are highly promiscuous although it is difficult to imagine how they are capable of luring anyone into their bedroom, except with other people with Blacksperger's.

There is currently no known cure to this debilitating disease.
John: "That math test sucked, I just wanted to strangle our teacher."

(pause. stare. silence. pause.)

Wes: "You'd get in real trouble if you strangled a teacher John."

John: "Dude, I think you've got Blacksperger's syndrome."
by DrHardBody January 18, 2011
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