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Only the greatest modern rock group ever.

They are from Kansas City, Missouri.

The band was founded by Jim Suptic (guitarist), Brian Everard (bassist), Billy Brimblecom (drummer), althought Billy left the band... but Billy was an awesome guy; he had cancer in his leg.

Blackpool Light's first full album, This Town's Disaster, was released in June of 2006, from Curb Appeal Records.

The songs on This Town's Disaster are:
This Town's Disaster*
Blue Skies**
Empty Tank*
Maybe Just Maybe*
It's Never About What It's About*
The Truth About Love**
Goodnight to Romance**
Crash Sounds*
Cursed By Yourself*
Lost Without You*
and The Last Place*.

(*My favorites. **My favorite favorites... Although I like all of them.)

They have gone on to make music videos, which are also very cool.

A band that I greatly respect.
Person 1: *singing* Please don't wait forever, please don't throw it all away, I'm watching these blue skies fa...

Person 2: Hey, that's a cool song, where'd you hear it?

Person 1: Oh, it's from this really amazingly amazing band called Blackpool Lights!!11!1!!

Person 2: Wow, they sound wonderful!

Person 1: They are. *smilesmilesmile* (:
by H.M. Switz December 15, 2008
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