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A kickass band that plays Medieval music. They do mostly Celtic and Germanic-style Medieval music, but have also done Japanese, French, and some of their tunes have a Middle-Eastern flare.

Guitarist & Composer: Ritchie Blackmore
Lead Singer & Songwriter: Candice Night
Backing Vocals: Nancy and Madeline, "Sisters of the Moon"
Producer: Pat Regan & Romper (That's his cat...)
Violin: Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst
Bass: Sir Robert of Normandie
Percussion: Mike Sorrentino

Everything else is played by Ritchie and Candice. They have four albums out currently, all of them are spectacular. Their music is well-written and very detailed (You have to hear it to know what I mean) and their lyrics are the most poetic I've ever heard in songs.
"I fear not in the Ivory Tower, imprisonment you'll find...
It lies within your heart, your soul, your spirit and your mind..."

--Ivory Tower

"Through the darkened fields entranced, music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance, long a-go..."

--Shadow of the Moon

"Danger hidden in his eyes, we should have seen it from far away,
Wearing such a thin disguise in the light of day.
He held the answer to our prayers, yet it was too good to be...
Proof before our very eyes, yet we could not see..."

--Play Minstrel Play
by Theaphelia March 09, 2004
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