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Blackburn Hamlet, mostly referred to as "blackburn" but also known as Whiteburn and Crackburn - depending on which part is being discussed - is a small neighbourhood in the East side of Ottawa, Ontario.

Innes road, the main road in Blackburn, divides the area economically.

North of Innes road is typically referred to as "Whiteburn", as the area consists mostly of white middle class families and retired old white people (minus the twin apartment buildings and the town houses around them, which despite being north of Innes are included under the "crackburn" umberella). This part of Blackburn is quiet and stuck in the 1980's.

South of Innes road is typically referred to as "Crackburn", as many parts of this neighbourhood are low income areas. For the most part, it looks more intimidating then it really is, other than the occasional drive-by and swarming/robbery. Some parts, specifically parts closer to the center, are public housing, while some are just shabby rentals. Specifically, 2676 Innes is notorious for it's crackheads and is often refered to as the "baby momma projects" due to high rates of teen pregnancy, as well as the Innes Park Complex twin apartment buildings, which houses many local drunks and drug addicts.

Being one of 2 neighborhoods fully surrounded by the greenbelt, it sometimes feels very isolated living in Blackburn. It can feel anywhere from a small American suburb to a rural ghetto. It all depends where you live and what you make of it.
"Wow, Jim's from Blackburn Hamlet, that's pretty ass man" -Orleans Kid
"Nah it's fine, I'm from Whiteburn not Crackburn lol, my house has 5 rooms and a toilet made of gold" -Jim

"I hate living in Blackburn Hamlet, my neighbors are always screaming at 4am unless it's welfare day" -Crackburn dweller #1
"Let's go BBQ some hot dogs on a garbage fire tonight to forget about the pain" -Crackburn dweller #2
(Both of these are real things that happen here)

"Buy us cigarettes or we'll bash your brains in with our baseballs bats" -Crackburn 13 year olds
by giantnuts613 October 24, 2020
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A small community located in East Ottawa. Blackburn is a nice place for families to live with great schools. Blackburn is a hype place for teenagers to meet up and have a good time. They have some of the best ODRs and are known for great house parties. Also known as: The BB Hood or The Burn
Hey bud, you heading over to the Blackburn Hamlet ODR for some puck?
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by 613local February 05, 2018
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