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Even though Race shouldnt be the factor I almost gaged when I saw "twistedbabydoll's" definition of black scene kids.
Heres the truth
We dont wear bright polos, rhinestone studs,waves in our hair, jordans, or whatever crap you came you with.
Kanye West is not a legend, we dont date women in hiphop videos or drive luxury cars, as for the boys.

THe girls do not "idolize Beyonce, date thugs, and blonde is not the supreme hair color.
we are not Basically these people are annoying or fake.
Your definition waas annoying and fake.
POSER SCENE KIDS ARE are annoying, fake, and obviously cannot find their own individual identity.
Thats one thing you were right about.
BLack scene kids are the same as White Scene kids, Latino Scene kids, Asian Scene kids, Indian Scene Kids, And Native American Scene Kids.
Black scene Kids "real definition"

Here are some videos of them from all races.
(Mixed Emo Scene Girls/ African Emo Scene Girls/ Black Emo Scene Girls/ Asian Emo Scene Girls/ Hispanic Emo Scene Girls)
by tiffy_explosion July 11, 2008
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