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When a retard who is high on black ops cant stop saying the name
Hey you guys, want to know a fun game........BLACK OPS, BLACK OPS, BLACK OPS.... OH sorry i have black ops syndrome
by printer93 January 12, 2011
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Caused when you have wasted another 60 dollars buying the same game you bought a year ago ever since Call of Duty 4. This develops into all out rage spells where each death is blamed on connection or "faggot virgin little boys". Also causes a large spike in blood pressure especially amongst the huskier ones.
"THIS IS SAD" "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS FUCKING GAME" "LOOK AT THE LAG COMP!!" "FUCKING VIRGIN FAGGOT CAMPING LITTLE BITCH NERD" "IM GONNA LOSE MY MIND" * Smashes Controller (and various other thing) All raging symptoms of Black ops Syndrome (pun intended)
by Ann Culture's neck wrinkles February 23, 2013
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