A symbol of the recession, people taking a stand against the gas prices, unemployment rate, forclosures.

Hip-Hop addressing Political Issues

The black and sliver is a call for change.

It isn't defacing the flag it is just a protest against the current political leaders it also is a Plea for more black leaders in the government.
Dark times that many communities in america are going through right now.

Also of unity showing that no matter how hard times can get, you can still turn to each other for support.

We've been poor, we have BEEN ready for this. We live this. We will get through this. That is what the black and silver flag means

It means that the government has us in the dark. The flag has no color. Black/White, we all suffer the same.
Im gonna hang the black and silver flag on my door so that they know they are not alone.
by Renee ( SWOLL) August 7, 2008