A general rule of society. Any other race can be racist and white people are the devil. If an asian guy calls a black guy a slur, he's racist. If a black guy calls an asian guy a slur, he's very un-racist and a perfect angel. If a white guy walks down the street, he's obviously in the KKK and is also Nazi German Filth and should die.

Generally, %99.9999999 of what white people say is a racial slur. Also, they were created by an evil scientist to destroy the superior black race.
Black dude: Motherfucking cracker ass cracker.
White guy: You're right. I am. I have to go kill myself now.

Black dude: What the fuck you lookin at, towelhead?
Sikh dude: Whoa whoa, what are you racist?
Black dude: Hey! I'm black. Don't call me a racist, you racist motherfucker.
Sikh dude: I'm sorry. I forgot black people can't be racist.
by Speeps September 27, 2010
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A cowardly defective tactic a black racist uses to justify their own racism towards other ethnic groups.
by Delta+ July 11, 2021
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