Black Doom is the half-father of Shadow the Hedgehog, an overpowered recolor of Sonic the Hedgehog that is in all honesty just a really depressed Sanic twat.

Black Doom is known to be a total doucebag, twisting others words and willing to do anything to get his son back under his control. In the fanfiction universe, Black Doom also becomes a magical hentai monster that is obsessed with yaoi incest with his own son. Much to the normal person's mind, Shadow actually also becomes socially awkward resulting with either being penetrated anally by the general public. Shadow then goes off into Mobius and either A. Fucks around with Sonic's bitches, B. Surprisingly comes out of the MOTHER FUCKING closet like all fangirls want him to be, resulting in Sonadow, Shadorge, Shadiver, ect., C. Turns Shadow into Black Doom's absolute bitch slave. or D. Sucicide ;( because we all know emos die over the feels.

Black Doom, unlike the rest of his species, has three glowing red eyes, and twin horns sticking out of either side of his head; he is decorated with a worn robe, chains with spiked ornaments, and jewels around the top of his robe that suggest he is an alien pimp. He has a very deep voice that presents an echoing effect of a child rapist and appears very aged much like John Herbert, claiming to be immortal like the OP fuck face he actually is. His appearance alone has a certain presence of dark aura that only scare male children of which haven't discovered tentacle porn yet.
Black Doom, a horrible character made by SEGA and somehow got popular due to lewd thoughts of women.
by MegaYaoi September 20, 2014
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