this refers to a business that gives it's employees low salaries and no pay for overtime while requiring long working hours and with little to no days offs. these companies are also known for allowing several kinds of harassment of employees while working there.

the term originated from japan and gained traction outside of it with the rise of the net.
"I don't think you should work there as I heard 'fake company name' is a black company. you should work at 'super fake company' instead"
by grass_head October 19, 2021
Someone that acts like a complete and total fucking douche canoe while interacting with friends and acquaintenances. Often vaguely tries to threaten them and make them uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Usually has a small penis.
The Black Company said he'd report us to the landlord for playing our music too loud again. That was after he showed up and ate our food and drank our beer.
by dougchartier November 9, 2011