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Recently there has been a world wide outbreak of a disease known only by the name BKRandyitis. We only know that this disease is contracted by being terrible at life and everything. This is on xbox live or any game or even real life, there are bk randys all over the wrld so watch out for them.

Loss of Brain Activity causing someone to loose control of their weapon, and/or being retarded
Terrible Aim
Terrible Weapons (NuB TuBs, Thumpers, Rockets, etc.)
Having a K/D of -20 or more
Just terrible at life and everything, and it's pretty clear their infected

Thank You again for being aware of this disease and helping control the spread of it.
hey look Blackk iis Backk is so fucking bad!!! he has now been infected with bkrandyitis.
by drizzle02 March 21, 2010
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