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When you get really angry at your bike and toss it like Bjarne Riis did in the Tour de France 1997.

On the final time trial stage everything went wrong and Bjarne had enough.

See the incident on youtube by searching for "Bjarne Riis 1997 bike toss"

This term can be used around friends that either know of Bjarne Riis or are into cycling, seeing as this is a very famous moment in the history of the race.
Brian: My bike stopped working on my way home, so I went really mad and did a Bjarne '97 on it!

Sean: No way, dude. Did you go B97 on it's ass?

Brian: Yeah. Set me back a few bobs at the repair shop, but it was worth it.
by GaryBarlowIsAGod March 29, 2010
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