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A 'Bithclicker' is a face-rotting-gangrene-clicker-of-biths.

Not to be confused with 'Bitchlicker', which is one who licks bitched.
Person H: It is decided, you are to get gangrene
Person G: On my penis? I didn't need that anyway...
Person H: No, your face
Person G: I need that a lot!
Person H: Enjoy rotting, bithclicker.
bitchlicker, even.
Person G: I liked bithclicker
Person H: bithclicker makes no sense..
Person G: I liked it, I'm putting it on urban dictionary...
Person H: Can you do that? What does it even mean? Face-rotting-gangrene-clicker-of-biths?
Person G: Yes.
by GinaJuice3 June 25, 2010
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