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The most evil bitchy thing in the world. All of satan and hell comes from inside of her. When you try to do nice things for her, she botches and complains and tries to get you in trouble. She is also extremely annoying. Biggest Blackmailer
Little Sister: Hey Michael can you fly my helicopter with me?
Big Brother: Bailey im in the middle of something.

Little Sister: If you don't I will tell mom that you snuck out last night.

Big Brother: UGH fine lets go now.

(later while flying helicopter)
Little Sister: It wont fly fix it michael NOW.

Big Brother: I cant!!!
Little Sister: (on phone with dad) Dad michael hit me!!!!
Dad: Mike youre grounded
Big Brother: WHAT????
Little Sister: HA! Now fix it or ill get you more in trouble. You ruined it didnt you. You were jealous i got one so u broke my helicopter. Im telling mom.
Big Brother: Wow bailey your such a bitchy little sister
by whitekracker August 14, 2011
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