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The term comes from the word "Landlord", and it refers to a person, who is the lord/boss/owner of one or several bitches. - A bitch here is not the formal term of the female dog, but a bitch person.
Other, less significant synonyms: Bitch owner, Bitch boss, and the Spanish version - Amo Puta - is also widely spread.
-Hey dude, are you coming out tonight?
-No, I have to go pleasure my Bitchlord.
-You're such a bitch!

Do you remember Anita from the party last week? I made her my bitch. Now I'm officially a Bitchlord.
by lovemybitchlords September 13, 2016
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A senior from the LHS soccer team who owns a freshman, otherwise known as a bitch. Each bitchlord is able to claim one bitch of his own and haze the shit out of said bitch.
Person 1: Hey bitch, go get those balls behind the goal.
Person 2: Yes, bitchlord.
by crustysock777 August 07, 2018
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