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A Bitching Buddy (BB) is someone that only talks to (well, complains) to you when something is bothering them. They may appear to be a good friend, when all they do is 'bitch' about other people or anything that bothers them. During a Bitching Buddy episode, the BB may say things like, "I'm so glad I talked with you; you're such a good friend"...blah, blah, blah. However, under normal circumstances they may not give you the time of day! Being a Bitching Buddy victim is not fun, especially when your kindness (taking the time out of your day to listen to the BB's horsehit) is completely disregarded once you make them feel better.
You-"Oh hi, BB! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a long time."

BB-"Oh girl, my life is shambles right now! My boyfriend cheated on me with another man and I don't know what to do. I haven't eaten in days, I haven't been to the gym, I don't know what to do.....(bitching continues for about an hour or so)"

You-(insert some very good advice here)

BB-"Girl, you know exactly how to make me feel better! I love you girl, this is why we're great friends. Let's do lunch (empty promise)."

You-"Okay, that would be a lot of fun...maybe we could try next week?"

*BB sees someone that she knows*

BB-"Oh hey, Person-that-I-know!!! Wait up girl...I'm starving, let's get lunch."

*You feeling used and alone*

You-She's such a Bitching Buddy!!
by LPerri116 October 01, 2011
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