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A word that can generally replace bitch in most, if not all, situations. Can refer to someone of an equal or lesser bitch status, and almost always to a girl/woman/female.

(1) A person who displays or exhibits particularly bitchy nature. (2) A face or look that expresses disgust, condescension, or exclusion. (3) A person who tries hard to be a bitch, but is not naturally one. (4) Someone who thinks highly of herself, with or without due cause. (5) A person who is less bitchy in comparison to another person.
Anne: ...and she totally threw her drink down his shirt.
Jessica: What do you expect from a bitchella?

Jake: She's looking at you, why don't you talk to her?
George: Bad idea. She's giving me the bitchella.

*after a conversation about an insult that failed to insult* Anne: That was such a fail insult, but you can't blame her. She's just a bitchella trying to be a bitch.
by Bitchella September 28, 2010
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