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The opposite of a fanboi. This is the type of person whom will make a list of all things that, in their opinion, are wrong with a particular thing and post them in a forum, particularly gaming forums, as facts. Anyone who disagrees is dubbed a fanboi and all alternative opinions are met with derision. The bitchbot will often threaten to quit but rarely will. This threat will often be backed up with a long "Good bye" open letter about their list of opinions and why they are leaving because their opinions didn't cause change. Two weeks later they will post an "I'm Back!!!!" post.

On the rare occasion that a bitchbot does quit they will stick around in the forums for months afterward telling everyone how horrible things are even after their opinions have become so outdated as to be irrelevant.
Wow, the bitchbots are out in full force after last nights patch screaming that xyz is now overpowered and should be nerfed.
by Aurigo January 19, 2006
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Someone who is both robotic and a bitch.

Someone having a monotone voice and bad attitude.
The DMV is full of bitchbots!
by myawela March 14, 2004
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-A bot on a video game who is abnormally good and literally beats the hell out of u every round or game. And you end up being extremely mad
bot in games such as gears of war 2
-"mother fucker that damn bitch bot killed me again"

-"son of a bitch those fuckers double teamed on me"
by pattyfatty22 February 13, 2009
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