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Originally a group of five females of Dutch origin, known for a prudish, 'all your base are belong to us' attitude. However, they mercilessly follow any and all trends they deem to be 'cool' and will do anything to be 'popular'. Their attitude belies an extremely slutty character, making them look even sadder when the truth does break the surface. They are the sworn mortal enemies of the Streetwise Crew. Members of the Clan are often referred to as 'Bitches' (emphasis on the capital letter).
In daily usage, 'bitch posse wannabe clan' can be used to denote any group of individuals who share personality traits with the original BPWC.
CK: "Yo, Smokey, how's the BPWC diss comin'?"
Smokey: "Almost finished... those Bitches won't know what hit 'em when this shit hits the market"
by CK November 02, 2004
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