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Bitch Dave | bi ch dayv |


1. Identified by characteristics similar to that of Bitch Dave, also known as "Jew Dave", "Jose", & "That Dave Bitch".

2. Commonly attributed with the credit of starting the pulling of the strings.

Discovered: Altoona, Pa
Yo Man Alex: Yo man, look whos coming man.

Irish : AWWWW its dat Bitch Dave!

Bitch Dave: Wud Up Craiggg.. suck my dick Craiggg?
Craiggg : is that that Dave Bitch?

Bitch Dave: You tryin to go outside?.. Smoke a Po-rt?


bitch Dave, why you trying to be hardcore, you fucking homo-thug, and don't be sensitive and angry at the shit that I wrote, cuz if you can take a fucking dick, you can take a joke
by Irish (Lil Irish) November 18, 2009
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