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Tattoos typically found on mainly promiscuous women.
With "ink" being a synonym for a regular tattoo, bitch ink represents the typical body art displayed by women of looser values.
Since the early '90s, an immense surge in ankle and Lower back tattoos reached the former popularity of shoulder blade tattoos amongst young women, one of the reasons being the visibility in certain clothes and the degree of tightness these regions maintain even when reaching a more mature age.
Besides the location, also certain tattoo images are much more frequent than others, such as the Tribal and animal (mainly butterfly) tattoos and those depicting Asian characters.
The most obvious criteria to distinguish bitch ink from regular tattoos, is to inspect the person (him/)herself sporting it : If they come off as "high risk", it is safe to say that that Chinese character for love (they think) is indeed bitch ink.
"Well sure, there's the overly visible thong, the gigantic white belt and whole body tan, but it is not until you spot the bitch ink that you'll know for certain what you're dealing with."
by Saint. June 27, 2008
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